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For centuries, sound has been recognised as a powerful form of healing in cultures all over the world.  Even the sounds that can be made from using natural instruments such as shells, stones and sticks can help people feel more ‘sound’ and in ‘tune’ with themselves and their surroundings.  

Nowadays the Gong is one of the most powerful idiophone (vibrating) instruments that is used for sound healing and rapidly gaining popularity in the western world. The deep resonant sound vibrations help to stop incessant thinking and allow people to easily reach a state of meditation allowing the mind and body to relax and let go.

“The most powerful sound healing instrument known to date, the Ancient Bronze Gong and its miraculous tone qualities, have been overlooked for thousands of years. Today, this remarkable disc-shaped alloy of Copper, Tin and Nickel is on the doorstep of worldwide recognition. … All advances over the next 100 years, in the fields of Science, or in Healing and Transformation, may be indebted to the rediscovery of the Ancient Science of the Gong.” Don Conreaux, International Gong Master

What is a Gong Bath Meditation?

A Gong sound bath is considered one of the most restorative and healing meditations because of the profound state of relaxation that can be attained in response to the sound vibrations.

The word bath is used to denote the waves of the sound that ‘wash’ over and through you and therefore an ‘inner’ cleansing takes place.

The gongs rich layer of overtones has a clearing effect on emotional issues which have been suppressed in the body and the sound vibrations can break up negative and limiting thought patterns.

Your whole physical body is bathed in sound and aches and pains often subside.

The total experience can be viewed as a total re-tuning of your whole self. For many, relief is immediate and for others, it may take a few gong baths until a deep state of relaxation and balance is reached.

Your role is in this event is to passively receive vibration which means all you have to do is close your eyes and simply allow the sound of the gong and other instruments to glide through you.

I will sensitively and mindfully play the gong for about 45 minutes and end in a powerful silence.

There is no script and musical score to follow. It is a totally organic space in the moment and one of deep inner exploration.

Come and experience for yourself the deep resonant sounds of the gong and let go and just breathe.

What to expect

An important point to emphasise is that you do not have to do anything except make yourself comfortable and let go and be open to receiving the sound vibrations of the gong.

You will be asked to lie on a mat or sit in a chair if you prefer and make yourself comfortable and cosy and place a blanket over yourself if you wish.

The session is started off by doing a breathing or visualisation meditation which helps the participants to begin to feel more relaxed.

Then I will bring in some other instruments such as a singing bowl, or wind chimes and slowly gently start to play the gong. The actual ‘sound bath’ usually lasts about 45 minutes and ends in 5 minutes silence.

During your first gong bath, your mind will most probably be curious to all the sounds so it may take one or two more gong baths to completely let go and relax but you should start to benefit from it from the very beginning.


In a busy world of mental overload, the sound vibrations of the gong helps the mind to slow down – it shifts the focus from the left hand side of the brain (logical, thinking, rational) to the right hand side (creative, intuitive).

It lowers the frequency of the brainwaves from alpha, then theta and sometimes to delta (sleep). Sometimes people do fall asleep if they are very tired.

The gong sounds work on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is likened to having a cleansing bath on the inside – helping to release toxins, shift negative thought patterns and emotions and to achieve a state of calm.

Gong Contraindications

It is recommended that you do not have a gong bath if:

You have a severe mental health issue or suffer from serious heart conditions

You are on heavy medication (need to be off any heavy medication for a least a year)

You are in the first trimester of your pregnancy

You are less than 13 years old

You have a pacemaker or other metal implant

You suffer from sound-induced epilepsy

If in doubt, please contact me before booking.

Please email for details of any upcoming gong meditations in the Cambridge and Stamford areas.

I am available to hold gong sessions at festivals, retreats and for organisations depending upon current government regulations.

Sally Warr is a qualified/accredited Gong sound Practitioner and an integrative therapist and has provided gong sound meditations (commonly known as gong baths) since 2017.

Apart from helping others with their healing and personal growth, Sally’s other passion in life is travelling across the globe to learn about other cultures and places.

The yearning for travel eventually led her to Canada where she had the wonderful opportunity of doing a degree in Indigenous (Native) studies for four years which incorporated a 6-month study programme in Australia.  In 2017, Sally returned to Western Australia to visit friends and by chance was invited to experience a gong sound meditation.

“I was totally blown away. I felt that I was listening to the sound of birth and death, an ancestral universe. It was a very mysterious sound, but I felt very relaxed in a safe and comforting space.”

After a few more gong experiences in Australia, Sally knew that she had to learn how to play it. Once back in UK, she initially took courses run by International Gong Masters, Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre followed by advanced training with International gong Masters.

Her gong training is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


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