Sally Warr

Counsellor, Coach & Gong Bath Practitioner

Helping you channel your full potential

All my life I have been drawn to the natural world, travel, adventure and diverse cultures.I instinctively knew there were other ways of thinking and being in this world and therefore I travelled frequently to explore and discover.

So, my life’s journey has been a rich tapestry of twists and turns which have all been deep learning curves along the way.

My path has also been one of enormous inner self-discovery. As I look back, I now see that every event and encounter has led me to find my real passion and ability which is helping others to find their true authenticity and purpose in life. Without those experiences I would not be as well equipped. One’s natural talent and life encounters are just as important as becoming qualified in your professional field of expertise. I have had to develop a strong foundation of self-belief and understand how deeply embedded old beliefs and patterns are some of the reasons that hold people back in living their authentic self.  Counselling and/or coaching can be extremely beneficial in helping a person to understand themselves, to make the shifts they need and to regain their personal authority.

My yearning for travel eventually led me to Canada where I had the wonderful opportunity of undertaking a degree in Indigenous Studies for four years which incorporated a 6-month study programme in Australia. .

Training & Credentials

BACP Registered - Counselling

IPHM Accredited – Sound Healing/Coaching

Fully Insured



  • Master of Philosophy in Education: Counselling
  • BA (Hons) Native (Indigenous) Studies
  • AQA Advanced Diploma in Counselling ​
  • AQA Advanced Certificate in Counselling
  • Wellbeing Coaching: Certificate – Accredited
  • Life Coaching: Diploma​
  • Professional Relaxation Therapy: Diploma
  • Self-Improvement: Certificate of Merit
  • Mindfulness: Certificate of Merit
  • Gong Sound Meditation: Certificate (Advanced)
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Rewilding Therapy (Nature Based Therapy): Certificate


Stamford & Cambridge
Appointments on Zoom and by phone

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